Q&A with Studio 212's Nanci Warren

March 3, 2016


What do you consider your greatest asset as a designer? 

I have a strong design education and construction background allowing me to create solutions that are both practical and beautiful.   My understanding of building systems such as plumbing and structure help me re arrange space in a way that my not be obvious.   Seeing color, texture, space . . . and all in three dimensions has been a gift that I am grateful to have. 

What do you feel is most often  overlooked in design?

All the puzzle pieces must fit together within the aesthetic.  Too often, clients get attached to individual items that may not fit together well.  Good design involves constantly looking at the big picture and balancing the wow elements with those that may need to take a back seat to create harmony.


What one piece of advice would you offer a homeowner prior to embarking on construction? 

Plan your entire project ahead of time so that you are not forced into decisions that require last minute decision-making. At Studio 212, we've developed a unique pre-construction process that is invaluable to contractors and clients alike. 


What’s your happy place when you’re not working on a project?


Anywhere in the great outdoors - but if I got to pick and choose, I'd be skiing, sailing or fly fishing!
What’s your favorite type of design challenge?


I love to rework even the most complicated spaces to make sense out of them for our clients. From there, I work to  define  a  consistent design concept and color palette that flows throughout the home, reflecting the personal style of the client and the architectural statement of the exterior.   

What inspires you?


I have been working in the design industry for over 35 years.  Gaining the respect of each team member . . . client, contractor and architect is the key to a successful prooject.  The process of getting to know my client, helping to translate their vision to the contractor in a way that also excites the architect is beyond inspiring.  I simply LOVE what I do every singe day! 





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