A Front Door Makeover You Can Do Now

January 31, 2016

 Chipped paint, outdated hardware or weathered wood often takes little time, effort and money to improve and makes all the difference in the world . Whether you're looking to sell or are just maintaining your home (no doubt one of your biggest investments),  set aside a little time this Spring for some front door TLC.


Apply a fresh coat of color:  If your door is already painted but is showing signs of wear and tear, consider repainting it. Be sure to prep the surface properly and use an oil-based paint for the door and any associated exterior trim cases. When choosing a color, decide first if you want your door to pop or blend. If you're looking for a pop of color, include your house color, landscaping and any other exterior elements (brick, stone, etc)  in your decision-making process. If tone-on-tone is more your style, consider going one or two shades lighter or darker than your house color or use a neutral color like black, grey or white.


Got rot?  Replace your door altogether. A poorly treated door will rot from the inside out (especially here in the Northwest!) so trying to paint over it won't solve your problem. We think the best option for a replacement door in climates with very challenging weather (including extreme sun or constant rain) is a fiberglass composite, like these offered by Codel. These doors can be painted or can be ordered to simulate a wood finish as well. Considering price, wear and tear, and maintenance, fiberglass can make a very practical choice for most homes.  Wood doors, by comparison, require regular maintenance to keep their look. If you still opt for a natural wood door instead of a composite and your door sees lots of sun, just make sure that you choose a UV stain!


Update your hardware:  To complete the thought on your beautiful new door, update your entry handle set. Prices range widely, but make sure you go with a quality set that offers you the security features you'd expect for a front door.  Swapping out your door hardware with a timeless finish like oil-rubbed bronze or nickel makes an enormous difference on your door appeal. Or if you're looking for a quieter approach, blending your hardware with your door color and coordinating it will lighting fixtures , as seen below, is also an option.



Sun Valley Bronze photo:

Clarity Northwest


Check back in May for some more quick and easy tips about getting your front stoop, and the rest of your home, ship-shape this Spring.


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